This is an important day, for us at least.  After hours, days, weeks and months of searching, discussing, and dreaming… we are finally setting pen to paper. Today marks the beginning of BRIGADE. 

The idea of what BRIGADE would be took some time to establish.  However, the philosophy was there from the start, “To make images of the highest quality in an atmosphere that nurtured creativity and positive attitudes”. 

Kyle and I discussed what BRIGADE should and should not be and what we came to realize was that we wanted to be not a company but a collective that provided visual support to production companies and creatives. We aspire to work for and work with the artists and companies whom we respect and admire. We are not a company, we are collaborators. 

BRIGADE is a culmination of what we have learned as artists, as people, and as hard-workers. From our time in the industry, we have learned what to do and what not to do.  By starting BRIGADE, we are returning to the path that led us to image-making in the first place.

This hasn’t been easy, but it will be well worth it.

- Evan