Far and away one of our favorite pieces we’ve ever made is ‘Blind Guy’.  Brigade Visual Support had just been created and we wanted to make something that truly meant something to us as a new entity. We were thrilled with how the project turned out and it sent us on a mission to make things that we ourselves would want to watch.

 Most importantly, we are now happy to call Jim ‘The Blind Guy’ Hoschek a dear friend as well as a spiritual and creative muse.  

We would like to thank the following for their support on 'Blind Guy':

Jim Hoschek, You Say Tomato, Wade HamptonJustin CarySam Billen, Troy Paddock, Andy Matlock, Mark Manning, Ross McEwen, Josh DuBois, Dustin Schirer, Brandon Duncan, and Matt Gibbs.

We were honored to have 'Blind Guy' featured in "Out Here Now", The Atlantic, and Monster Children, Vimeo Staff Picks, The Tallgrass and Out Here Now Film Festivals.