We are a collective of image-makers who believe in the power of still and moving pictures.


From concept and capture to post, we are here to make the best images for your story. Quality, to us is of the utmost importance. Our passion is creating a perfect image. We handle photography, cinematography, stills editing, and video editing and would love to help you on your next project.

We are based in Wichita, Kansas, but our work takes us across the great Midwest - from Colorado and Nebraska to Missouri and Oklahoma. That said, geography's never mattered much to us. We love to travel, and if a shot calls our name from across the country or across the globe, we'll be there in a heartbeat.

With more than a decade of combined experience in filmmaking and advertising, we have the experience and knowledge to tell the story. Let BRIGADE VISUAL SUPPORT handle your images.

Brigade Visual Support is Evan H. Senn and Kyle Pugh.